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The Institute of Marine Sciences provides graduate level courses in oceanography. Located on the Mediterranean coast, a major aim of IMS is to conduct research oriented towards the management of the marine resources through an understanding of the environment. Collaborative investigations in the Mediterranean and the Black seas have been particularly productive towards this goal

Announcements & News

Enstitümüz araştırma gemilerinde çalıştırılmak üzere alınacak Sınırlı Makine Zabiti ve Yağcı İlanı
International Grouper Workshop, 07-08 October 2016 in Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
Call for nominations for new IMBER SSC members
Webinar on satellite surveillance of fishing in MPA
2016 Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia
PhD Thesis entitled "Influence of hydrothermal activity and substratum types on faunal colonization processes in the deep-sea"
METU Rector Prof.Ahmet Acar in Mersin
Young Turkish EU-Perseus Project Ambassador delivers presentation at the EU Parliament

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Date 30Jun  31Jun  32Jun 
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