SeaDataNet JRA6 Black Sea Products

Black Sea Products
Satellite Averaged Maps Description. Chl-A. SST-MODIS (11-12 μm, Day). SST-MODIS (11-12 μm, Night). SST-MODIS (3.8-4.1 μm). SST-AVHRR (Day). SST-AVHRR (Night).
Averaged maps and fields of selected satellite parameters for the Black Sea

Averaged maps and fields of selected satellite parameters for the Black Sea

 Averaged monthly and seasonal maps and fields of Chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) were calculated from satellite data derived from the Level 2 (L2) data sets for SeaWiFS (Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor) and MODIS Aqua (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) sensors available at the Ocean Color web site.

Approximately 10,000 SeaWiFS and MODIS files have been downloaded and processed using SeaDAS (SeaWiFS Data Analysis System) software package. In total about 300 averaged maps and fields were prepared for period September, 1997 – December, 2004 (Chl-a from SeaWiFS) and for period July, 2002 till present (Chl-a and SST from MODIS). Standard algorithms were used for calculation of Chl-a and SST; only “clean” pixels (i.e. pixels without any SeaDAS flag) were taken for averaging.

The presented results are considered as a first draft. The planned improvement will include application of  Data Interpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions (DINEOF) or Optimal Interpolation in order to reconstruct missing data.   

AVHRR (Advance very high resolution radiometer) Data explanation:  Scenes are extracted from AVHRR Pathfinder SST v5 mission. detailed information can be found on Both pictures and ascii data files are extracted from Global data series.