SeaDataNet JRA6 Black Sea Products

Black Sea Products
Climatic Maps Description. Temperature. Salinity. Density. Heat storage and Dynamic Height. DO and H2S.
SeaDataNet JRA6
Dissolved Oxygen Lower Boundary (O2)
Hydrogen Sulphide Upper Boundary (H2S)
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1920-1929 O2 H2S
1930-1939 O2 H2S
1950-1959 O2 H2S
1960-1969 O2 H2S
1970-1979 O2 H2S
1980-1979 O2 H2S
1990-1999 O2 H2S
1920-1999 O2 H2S
Winter O2 H2S
Spring O2 H2S
Summer O2 H2S
Autumn O2 H2S
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