Both the sea-going equipment and laboratory instrumentation have been continuously served by skilled technicians.

In the ‘small’ Institute-campus there are:

- an electric and electronic service workshop
- a wood processing and
- a metal processing workshops for small repairs and maintenance of field and laboratory equipments.

Campus life necessitates to keep a bus-service twice a day for transportation of the personnel to the next larger city (Mersin) center.

Additionally, the institute is utilizing 2 automobiles, a small lorry, a tractor and a midi-bus for various purposes. The laboratories and housings in the campus were served by AC-generator for continuous power supply.

A central cooling and heating system is available for laboratories and offices. Housings are centrally heated only.

Key personnel of the institute are living in lodgments in the campus. There are simple bungalows to host students.

For smaller boats an institute-harbor is also present.

In a small cafeteria only lunch is provided for personnel upon request in advance.