Remote Sensing

The capabilities of the remote sensing laboratories of the Institute have significantly improved recently through acquisition of HRPT images from NOAA satellites. The Institute’s HRPT station is one of the authorized stations to receive SeaWiFS data since September 1997. The Institute remote sensing data flow has reached to a considerable volume together with the data received from METEOSAT satellite through SSB radio.

The following satellite data acquisition and data processing systems are currently in operation.

(a) US NOAA TIROS-N HPRT-AVHRR receiver: real time HRPT images from NOAA satellites
(b) METEOSAT SDUS receiver: SDUS WEFAX data transmitted by EUMETSAT through Meteosat-5
(c) Automatic Picture Transmitter (APT) receiver: real-time coarse-resolution infrared/visible images from TIROS-NOAA series, METEOR satellites and US GSFC HRPT SeaWIFS receiver: real time HRPT images from SeaStar satellite.
(a) MapiX Ocean AVHRR processing unit
(b) SEAPAK processing unit
(c) SEADAS processing unit