Gülgün Latif Library

The library was established in 1978, one year after the move of the Institute from Ankara to Erdemli. The first collections of the library were obtained from the METU Library in Ankara.

The basic aim of the Institutes library has been to make available to the faculty and the student body a collection of books and periodicals related specifically to marine sciences. The main holdings of the library are on the following fields: physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, marine pollution, marine biology, marine ecology, marine geology and geophysics, fisheries, ichthyology, and limnology. The holding are classified according to the Library of Congress System. At present, the library holdings number is about 3500. The library also subscribes to a number of national and international journals dealing with these topics.

An important service of the library is to collect reprints of articles relating to the oceanography of the Turkish seas. At present, the library has about 7500 reprints on these topics. The faculty and students also have online access to the main campus library.

The resources of the library are available to all oceanographers and interested researchers in or outside of Turkey.

Mrs. Gülgün Latif, with a degree in Chemical Engineering from METU, served as librarian from the establishment of the library in 1978 until her retirement in 2001. She played a major role in the acquisition of relevant reprints, books, and periodicals through her interaction with the faculty and students of the Institute, and by meeting other marine sciences librarians in international meetings. One of her important contributions was to keep up with and add current publications to the library. Due to her efforts, computerized lists of books, journals and technical reports are available in an easy to use format.

Mrs.Gülgün Latif

The name of Library has been changed as Gülgün Latif Library after her death on March 3, 2002