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General Information

The Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) was established in 1975 with the objectives of conducting oceanographic research and providing graduate level education in marine sciences with respect to the mission and the vision of the institute. The Institute has four main divisions:

Chemical Oceanography

Marine Biology and Fisheries

Marine Geology and Geophysics

Physical Oceanography

In its brief history, research accomplished by the Institute has resulted both in vastly increasing our knowledge of the seas surrounding Turkey and in establishing a data base to help in the management of the marine environment.

The Institute is located on the Mediterranean coast, near Erdemli, about 45km west of the town of Mersin. It is a part of the Middle East Technical University, one of the leading universities in Turkey, which has its main campus in Ankara.

The programs are envisioned to provide future scientists with thorough education and training in their fields. Special emphasis is given to studying the national marine environment, in keeping with the Institute’s objectives of developing and improving the marine resources of Turkey.

Students with B.S. degree (or equivalent) in one of the natural sciences or engineering, and a background including calculus, statistics and differential equations may apply. Experience in computer programming is desirable. Training of graduated students is greatly enhanced by active participation in research programs carried out at sea, and in laboratories of the Institute.

The Institute’s campus at Erdemli, houses office buildings, laboratories, computing and remote sensing facilities, a library and other services. Housing for staff and students, and harbor facility are also located on the campus.


The mission of the Institute is to provide post-graduate education in marine sciences to enable our scientists to conduct research compatible with international standards; to perform systematic and integrated research utilizing both observations and modeling techniques to acquire information pertinent to the needs of our society and to publish our results so that they may be of use to decision makers.


Parallel to the developments in marine sciences to obtain the most benefit from both the living and non-living marine resources in our country, to attain infra- and superstructure facilities in a shortest period possible, to carry out the needed systematic and integrated research based on observations and modeling techniques to allow recognition, conservation and sustainable management of the marine resources; and to be among the foremost in training qualified scientists, in the direction of the university’s mission: respectful to nature, enriched with knowledge, and talented to be able making independent decisions.