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Marine Biology and Fisheries

The Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries in general offers marine biology and fisheries related topics, such as phytoplankton, zooplankton, marine benthos and fishery. Besides these major topics, there are continuing studies on fisheries and plankton acoustics, fish population dynamics, alien species, no-fish-zones and phytoplankton pigments, as well.

The department is comprised of a motivated, young group of seven academic staff engaged in research at the forefronts of the marine biology.

In order to join the program the candidates should have a BS or MS in disciplines such as general botany and/or zoology (biology), fisheries, life sciences, environmental engineering, agricultural engineering (e.g., zoo-techniques) and other related programs.

The programs on the average take about two years for the MS and four years for the Ph.D. All students are obliged to participate short and relatively long cruises (max., 15-20 days)  on the Institute’s research vessels (R/V Bilim, R/V Lamas and R/V Erdemli) to the Turkish seas.

In order to carry out related studies the department provides suitable laboratory furnished with basic equipment.