Ana Labaratuvar Ekipman─▒

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (GBC-906, Varian Techtron AA-6) 
Spectrophotometer (LKB Biochrom Ultrospec II and Thermo-spectronic Model Hedios d)
Gas chromatography(Agilent Technologies 6890N, Network GC system) 
CHN elemental analyzer (Carlo Erba, Model-1108)
High performance liquid chromatography (HP 1090)
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer(Cecil Model 5000) 
Total organic carbon analyzer (Shimadzu, Model TOC-5000)  
Spectrofluorometer(Hitachi F-3000) 
Radioactive C-14 measuring system
Five channels autoanalyzer (Technicon Model A-II)  
SA quanta meter (PAR)
Dissolved oxygen meter(YSI M-58) 
Isotop (C14 and H 3) Measuring system 
LI 1800 uw Underwater Spectroradiometer(LI-1800 UW model) 
pH meter (Chemcadet, NEL)
 Integrated Nephelometer (Radiance Resaearch Model M903)
 Freeze dry system (Labconco)
Portable incubators for fecal coliforms and primary production analysis
Microwave digestion system (EnviroPrep Questron Q45) 
Microscopes (Olympus Stereo SX16 with photographic tube, Olympus SZX2, Olympus SZ61, Olympus 1X71(inverted phase contrast), Nikon Optiphot2 EFD-3(epifluorescence phase contrast), 
Flow Cytometer
4-channel auto-analyser
Ion Chromatography
High volume air samplers with size selective sampling inlet, Wet precipitation sampler, Nepholemeter, Sun photometer, PM10 particle sampler, and High volume particle sampler.
Real Time Thermal Cycler (PCR machine) Roche 480 and BIORAD, 
Filtering system (Milipore), 
Automatic Winkler titration system (Hydro Bios) 
Gel electrophoresis apparatuses, Gel documentation system, Various scales, dryers, rotary vapor and vacuum pumps, pressure and vacuum filtration systems.
Water distillation and purification instruments.

Arazi Ekipman─▒

Mooring systems with underwater Seabird samplers (8lt and 12lt) (Seabird rosettes), temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, Chlorophyll, Turbidity sensors and surface meteorological instruments.
Seabird CTD profiling system, 
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler,
120 kHz SIMRAD – EY60 portable scientific echosounder, 
38, 120 and 200 kHz SIMRAD - EK60 hull-mounted scientific echosounders
COSMOS pelagic /bottom trawl nets and hydrophones/trawl sensors
Passive acoustic monitoring tool  for marine mammal detection (C-POD)
WP2 plankton closing net(Nansen closing net, Egg net, Naked Hai), 
Remotely operated underwater vehicle (Benthos MiniRover MK II)
Gravity corer (Phleger), Bottom sampler (InterOcean)
High volume air samplers (General Metal Works, model GMWL-2000 and Model PM10 with size selective sampling inlet and Hi-Vol cascade impactor)
Grab sampler (Van Veen)
In-situ fluorometer
Irradiance meter
Uniboom shallow seismic system (EG&G) 
Current meters (Aanderaa RCM-4, EG&G) 
Precision depth recorder(50 200 kHz JMC) 
Knudsen 320B Rockmount subbottom profiling and side scan sonar system (EG&G IB systems) 
Various corers
Automatic weather station (Aanderaa and Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II)
Andersen dry-wet deposition sampler