Marine Geology & Geophysics

The Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics conducts scientific research and graduate education in the marine geology and geophysics. Students interested in pursuing marine geology and geophysics on the graduate level education should have a B.S. degree in engineering sciences. All students, under the supervision of faculty members, participate in marine geological and geophysical surveys. 

The Department Laboratory has equipped with numerous instruments for sedimentological and geochemical analyses. Equipments used for geological surveys include various types of sampling devices (grab sampler, gravity corer, boomerang corer and piston corer). Geophysical equipments include digital echo sounder, sub-bottom profiling (UNIBOOM) and side scan sonar.

Main fields of activity

- Detailed sea floor mapping (using echo sounding and the side scanning sonar systems).

- Identification of late-Quaternary sea level changes in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

- Late-Quaternary sedimentation.

- Paleo-environmental analyses.


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