Contact Information

Middle East Technical University,

Institute of Marine Sciences,

P.O.Box 28, 33731, Erdemli-Mersin, TURKEY

Phone: +90-324 521 3434 Fax: +90-324 521 2327

E-mail: Webmaster: webadmin[at]


From Adana Airport to Mersin (about 80 km):
There are regular service buses of almost all flight companies from the airport to Mersin (to different locations). 

Alternatively you may come by Taxi from the Airpot to Bus Station of Adana and from there you may take

Adana-Mersin KOÇ minibuses (first and last bus times are given below):

Summer Schedule: Morning 05.45

Evening 22.30

Winter Schedule : Morning 05.25

Evening 24.00

From Mersin To the Institute (about 40 km):

You may either use MES-KOOP minibuses from Mersin till Erdemli (and take another local minibuses to the Institute). From Erdemli to the Institute (5 km westward; just before the village Limonlu -otherwise known as Lamas) or S─░L─░FKE-KOOP (passes through the Institute: tell driver or his assistant "Orta Dogu Teknik ├ťniversitesi").

First and last bus from Mersin to Erdemli for MESKOP minibuses;

Summer Schedule:

Morning 05:45

Evening 24:00

Winter Schedule : 

Morning 05:25

K─▒┼č Saati Sabah: 05.25

Ak┼čam: 23.10

First and last bus from Mersin to Institute for S─░L─░FKEKOP minibuses:

Summer Schedule:

Morning 05.30

Evening 21.30

Winter Schedule:

Morning 05.25

Evening 19.00