26/12/2012 Prof. Dr. Huseyin Avni BENLİ Türkiye Balıkçılığında Yönetim Planlarının Analizi
11/12/2012 Dr. Soultana Zervoudaki Impact of Ocean Acidification on Pelagic Food Web in a Coastal Area of Eastern Mediterranean Sea
17/10/2012 Gianmaria Sannino Non-hydrostatic and high resolution modeling of the Gibraltar Strait
16/10/2012 Prof. Dr. Emin ÖZSOY Research and development initiative for advanced Modeling of the Turkish Straits System
20/9/2012 Emanuela Voutsinas & Elena Ermidou Kid's Science at HCMR - CoCoNET and PERSEUS at schools
10/9/2012 Prof. Nikos MİHALOPOULOS An overview of atmospheric versus particulate fluxes of major and trace metals in the Black Sea
7/9/2012 Prof. Nikos MİHALOPOULOS The significance of atmospheric inputs to the eastern Mediterranean seawater
5/9/2012 Dr. Nicolas WALDMAN Merging geophysics and sedimentology: paleoclimate and paleoseismology reconstruction from Tierra del Fuego, southernmost South America
4/9/2012 Dr. Nevio PUGLİESE The applications of microfossils in archaeology and environmental monitoring
4/9/2012 Dr. Gloria LOPEZ Tales from the sands: using optical dating to understand modern and ancient coastal and marine sedimentological processes
30/7/2012 Dr. Stuart Kininmonth Join the dots: Network theory in Marine Ecology
31/7/2012 Dr. Guanluca Volpe A satellite view of the space-time variability of phytoplankton biomass in the Mediterranean Sea
30/7/2012 Dr. Angela Landolfi The vicious marine N cycle
20/7/2012 Ali Aydogdu A Coupled Modelling Attempt of Hydrodynamics and Ecosystem of Northern Levantine
15/6/2012 Sinem CİHAN How to make Sea Turtle Survey
15/6/2012 Nusret SEVİNÇ Long term changes in zooplankton community in jellfish dominated ecosystems
15/6/2012 V. Çağlar YUMRUKTEPE Part I : Introduction to Biological Carbon Pump Part II: Carbon export algorithm advancement in models
11/6/2012 Ayse Gazihan Akoğlu On the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
11/6/2012 Caglar Yumruktepe Part I – Introduction to Biological Carbon Pump. Part II - Carbon export algorithm advancement in models
29/5/2012 Dr. Deniz KARACA Biogeochemical processes at cold seeps along the Costa Rican continental margin
4/5/2012 Dr. Ulrich Niermann Long-term changes in the Baltic Sea and North Sea, observed during the last 40 years
27/4/2012 Nebil YÜCEL Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Microbial Activities in northeastern Mediterranean
6/4/2012 Dr. Jenny Ullgren Direct observations of small and mesoscale variability in the north-eastern North Atlantic
6/4/2012 Dr. Icarus Allen Beyond Chi by eye: some thoughts on model skill assessment.
5/4/2012 Dr. Icarus Allen Marine Ecosystem evolution in a changing environment: models, the pressure state response and links to policy.
19/3/2012 Prof. Kai Wirtz Building an ecosystem model from old principles
12/3/2012 Prof. Kai Wirtz Product orientation as a guiding principle for the coastal and shelf observatory COSYNA
14/2/2012 Dr. Ozan Mert ÖZTÜRK History of climate, marine events and sea-atmosphere interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions as recorded in Anatolian caves
24/1/2012 Dr. Mustafa Koçak Potential solutions for Air pollution: a case study for Eastern Mediterranean
24/1/2012 Prof. Cemal Saydam In cloud alteration of desert dust matrix and its effect on natural ecosytems
13/1/2012 Doç. Dr.Ali Cemal Gucu The new Black Sea anchovy project and the first findings
5/1/2012 Arş. Gör. Ceren Guraslan Fish Behavior Modeling With Applications To Black Sea Anchovy
5/1/2012 Özge Tutar MPA's effect on demersal fish stocks: Kızılliman
5/1/2012 Ezgi Şahin The Black Sea Populations of Anchovy
4/1/2012 Mehmet Kaptan The Use Of Trix Index For Scaling Trophic Status Of Coastal Waters: A Case Study In The Mersin Bay
4/1/2012 Anıl Akpınar Variability of the Black Sea circulation derived from altimeter data