28/12/2011 Dr. Mustafa Kolukırık Redrawing the boundaries of IMS-METU's research by up to date molecular methods
6/12/2011 Dr. Sinan Arkın Modeling Experimental Evolution
27/10/2011 Dr. Mete Yılmaz Cyanobacteria: from their toxins to unique pigments
19/10/2011 Dr. Magnus Lucassen Adaptation and sensitivity of marine fishes to climate factors: Molecular basis of physiological response mechanisms
13/7/2011 Dr. Valeria Ibello Nitrogen fixation in the Mediterranean Sea
22/7/2011 Dr. Murat Gündüz Atlantic Ocean and Adriatic Sea Modeling Efforts – Ongoing Work and Preliminary Results - (with following discussion on modeling experiences)
22/7/2011 Prof. Dr. Nadia Pinardi The Mediterranean Sea large scale circulation: a retrospective analysis 1987-2007
17/5/2011 Dr. Jeff Peakall; Dr. Daniel Parsons Submarine channels and the Black Sea
11/5/2011 Dr. Arzu Karahan Part I: Cytogenetic and Geometrical Morphometrics Analysis of some Teleost fishes from East Mediterranean Sea" Part II: Variability in Morphometry, Creatin Kinase and Microsatellites of Anchovy
4/5/2011 Prof. Dr. Zahit Uysal Surface chlorophyll distribution in the Cilician basin based on in-situ fluorometer readings on board R/V Bilim-2
27/4/2011 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Disappearance of Hake in the NE Levant Sea
21/4/2011 Paul Kahler Anoxia-related feedbacks of NO3 and PO4: positive or negative- Examples from the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and perspectives for the global oceans
8/4/2011 Dr. Eugenia Lefkaditou Cephalopods: Morphological and Life cycle characteristics, Fisheries and abundance variability
2/3/2011 Prof. Dr. Ferit Bingel Catching techniques of fish
8/2/2011 Ayşe Gazihan Akoğlu Temporal and Spatial Changes in the Abundance and Biomass of Pico (Heterotrophic Bacteria & Synechococcus) and Nanoplankton (Flagellates) of the Mersin Bay – Relationships with Ambient Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters
3/2/2011 Caglar Yumruktepe Eco-Hydrodynamıc Modellıng Of Eutrophıcatıon And Nutrıent Cycles Usıng Delft3d Model For The Cılıcıan Basın
12/1/2011 Özge Yelekçi Prelımınary Work On Numerical Simulatıons Of Eutrophıcatıon Processes In Izmır Bay Wıth A Coupled Three Dımensıonal Eco-Hydrodynamıc Model
6/1/2011 Metin Akca Cascades in Mediterranean Submarine Grand Canyons
5/1/2011 Ali Aydoğdu Basics of Data Assimilation
12/4/2011 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Disappearance of Hake in the NE Levant Sea