29/12/2010 Prof.Dr. Temel Oguz Aprupt transition of the NW Black Sea Shelf ecosystem from eutrophic to an alternative pristine state.
22/12/2010 M. Akif Korkmaz Interannual variability in the environmental conditions of the Black Sea
16/10/2010 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Past and present of fish fauna in the NE Levant Sea and the factors facilitating the colonization bye Lessesian fishes
24/10/2010 Ayşe Gazihan Akoğlu LightDynaMix-Dynamics of Microbial Food Webs in a Light Gradient; a Mesocosm Study
27/10/2010 Dr. Mustafa Kocak Particulate matter (PM10) in İstanbul: Origin, source areas and potential impact on surrounding regions
15/9/2010 Nazlı Olgun Nutrient limitation in the surface ocean: The role of explosive volcanic eruptions for the marine biogeochemical cycles
1/7/2010 Dr. Özcan Özen Fish biodiversity and young of the year population Dynamics of economically important fish species in the shallow waters of Dardanelles, Çanakkale
8/7/2010 Prof.Dr. Ahmet Erkan Kıdeyş The regional environmental governance in the Black Sea
18/6/2010 Prof.Dr. Süleyman Tuğrul Long-Term Changes in the Hydro-Chemical Properties of Black Sea Upper Layer
29/6/2010 Dr. Özcan Özen Early life stages and recruitment in fish populations
6/5/2010 Nebil Yücel Primary Production in Shelf Waters of the Cilician Basin
6/5/2010 Ayşe Gazihan Akoğlu Picoplankton Abundance and Biomass Distribution in Turkish Seas
22/4/2010 Ekin Akoglu End-to-end controls on the Black Sea ecosystem during the 1960's-1990's
20/4/2010 Prof. Dr. Emin Özsoy Film: “Turbulent Ocean”
9/4/2010 Prof. Dr. Ferit Bingel What we know about Black Sea anchovy
2/4/2010 Meltem Ok When and Why? Preliminary analyses of the red mullet (Mullus barbatus Linnaeus, 1758). Time series off Erdemli
26/3/2010 Dr. Sinan Hüsrevoğlu The state of play and progress for METU-IMS modelling commitment within SESAME-IP.
19/3/2010 Prof. Dr Emin Özsoy Lessons and prospects of operational oceanography
22/2/2010 Dr. Heather Cannaby Distinguishing anthropogenic induced change from multi-annual climate variability in the NE Atlantic
4/2/2010 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Seals of IMS
27/1/2010 Ersin Tutsak A study of surface atmospheric, sea-level and current time-series acquired by the Turkish coastal observation network
20/1/2010 Nusret Sevinç Analysis of the lower trophic level of the Black Sea ecosystem's past 4 decades: A modeling study
18/1/2010 Çağlar Yumruktepe 1-D Ecosystem model of offshore Mersin Bay waters
15/1/2010 Anıl Akpınar Physical characteristic of the Black Sea inferred from argo profiling data
14/1/2010 Özgür Gürses Water Mass Concept
10/1/2010 Nebil Yücel Part 1- Primary production and phytoplankton composition in the southern Black Sea and northeastern Mediterranean. Part 2- Radiometric determination of the monthly changes in the primary production and bacterial production rate and interaction in the northeastern Mediterranean.
8/1/2010 Prof. Dr. Temel Oğuz Abrupt transition of the northwestern Black Sea shelf ecosystem from eutrophic to an alternative pristine state