24/10/2004 Prof. Dr. Temel Oguz Regime Shifts and Climatic Oscillations Restructuring the Black Sea Ecosystem. 24 Ekim 04
15/7/2004 Dr. Mehmet Karaca Kent Isı Adası: İstanbul örneği
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4/6/2004 Dr. Georgy Shulman Metabolic principles of biodiversity on an example of the Black Sea animals.
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8/6/2004 Leonid Svetlichny Development and lipid storage in Calanus euxinus from the Black and Marmara Seas.
8/6/2004 Georgy Shulman and Viktor Nikolsky Premises for estimation production of Calanus euxinus in the Black Sea
18/6/2004 Doç. Dr. Erhan Mutlu First time occurrence of sexual dimorphisms in a strombid gastropod radula, Conomurex persicusas
23/6/2004 Dr. Michel Dennis Short- term variability of heterotrophic bacteria of the Northwestern Mediterranean in late summer 2004. Evidence for pulsed mineralisation in the water column.
14/5/2004 Prof. Dr.Emin Ozsoy Cilician Basin Modelling and the MFSTEP project
21/5/2004 Doç. Dr. Erhan Mutlu Size dependent acoustic detection of zooplankton and nekton in Turkish Seas
28/5/2004 Prof. Dr. Süleyman Tugrul Black Sea Chemistry: Implications of the Knorr 2001 cruise data.
2/4/2004 Dr. Şükrü Besiktepe; Dr. Şengul Besiktepe Effects of the physical and biogeochemical variabilities on the spatial heterogenity of the zooplankton distribution in the Black Sea.
9/4/2004 Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Why Lessepsian immigrants are so successful in colonizing the Eastern Mediterranean sea and who are the defenders of the native ecosystem ?
14/4/2004 Dr. Allison Weeks Variability in the chlorophyll-a in the Blanes Canyon (North West Mediterranean Sea) during the MERIS-ENVISAT validation.
16/4/2004 Dr. Allison Weeks MERIS validation in the North West Mediterranean and the Mascarene Ridge (Indian Ocean): early results.
30/4/2004 Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kideys Disasterous events in the Caspian Sea due to the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis and a remedy.
26/3/2004 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Habitat use and demographic evaluation of the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal in the Eastern Mediterranean