30/6/2016 Andre VALENTE Physical controls of chlorophyll-a variability in the Northeast Atlantic
30/6/2016 Ülgen AYTAN Microbial Food Web Dynamics in the South Eastern Black Sea
29/6/2016 Caglar Yumruktepe Progress of my Delft3D modelling study in the Cilician Basin. A transfer of experience and lessons learned
24/6/2016 Dr. Derya Akkaynak Cuttlefish patterns, bird eggs, butterfly wings, bat noses and cancer cells: Colorful discoveries through calibrated off-the-shelf cameras"
15/6/2016 Batuhan Yapan Elucidating Structure of Eastern Mediterranean Population of Audouin’s gull by Using Molecular Markers
16/6/2016 Munevver Nehir 'Chemical Characterization and Speciation of the Macro Nutrients in the Atmospheric Particles and Wet Deposition Mode over the Eastern Mediterranean: Source Areas, Bio-Availability and Impact of Atmospheric Inputs on Marine Productivit
22/6/2016 Prof. Vangelis Papathanassiou Ocean Governance in the Mediterranean
21/6/2016 Caglar Yumruktepe Development and application of new model algorithms of the biological carbon pump in the North Atlantic
26/5/2016 Dr. Serdar Sakınan "Fisheries acoustics as an ecosystem monitoring tool”
26/4/2016 Dr Francesco d’Ovidio The dynamical landscape of pelagic ecosystems: from satellite observations to biologging data
26/4/2016 Dr Francesco d’Ovidio The dynamical landscape of pelagic ecosystems: from satellite observations to biologging data
4/4/2016 Dr. Eti Levi Can palaeolimnological proxies supplement present-day data in lake ecological assessment
9/3/2016 Dr. Ulrich Niermann Changes of the coral community in the Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea
7/3/2016 Dr. Diana Ruiz Pino Oxygen Minimum Zones, Green House Gases (CO2, N2O) and Acidification at the global ocean: from in-situ observation to 3D circulation-biogeochemical model
10/2/2016 Pierre Coupel Diversity of the Arctic primary producers in the context of global change
20/1/2016 Kerem Gökdağ Microplastic densities in seawater, sediment and fish from the North Eastern Mediterranean Sea
13/1/2016 Alimjan Abla Marine habitat modeling in Mersin and Iskenderun bay
7/1/2016 Deniz Dişa The Impact of Fishing on Lower Trophic Level Dynamics and Biogeochemistry of Marine Ecosystems
26/11/2015 Dr. Diana Ruiz Pino Impact of Ice melting on phytoplankton and CO2 in the Arctic Ocean
16/11/2015 Dr. Christine Klaas 'Ocean Iron Fertilization: overview and perspectives'
6/11/2015 Dr. Moharram Dolatshahi Pirooz hydrodynamic modeling, coastal engineering, and Tsunami modeling.
6/11/2015 Dr. Moharram Dolatshahi Pirooz hydrodynamic modeling, coastal engineering, and Tsunami modeling.
27/10/2015 Dr. Celia Vassilopoulou “Fisheries Discards” and "Marine Spatial Planning”
8/7/2015 Dr. Xavier Durrieu de Madron Variability and impacts of dense water formation processes in the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean)
25/6/2015 Arş. Gör. Ceren Guraslan Modeling the impact of environmental variability on Black Sea anchovy overwintering migration
17/3/2015 Arş.Gör. Gulce Saydam Cetacean Distribution in Southern Black Sea: An Acoustic Approach Using a Methodology Combining Active and Passive Acoustics"
28/1/2015 Nazım Kurmuş Analysis of Interannual Change in Black Sea Anchovy Stock Biomass with Hydroacoustics
30/1/2015 İsmail Akçay Spatial Variations of Particulate Organic Matter (POM) Composition and Concentrations in surface waters and sediments of the Mersin Bay
21/1/2015 Selin Küçükavşar Integrating Transcriptomics to Biogeochemical (Nitrogen Cycle) Models
21/1/2015 Ozan Çiftçi DNA barcoding & population genetics structure of three Mullidae species in Mediterranean
16/1/2015 Dr. Stefan Neuenfeldt Biological Ensemble Modelling in the Baltic Sea
9/1/2015 Dr. Stefan Neuenfeldt Biological Ensemble Modelling in the Baltic Sea
20/11/2014 Mr. Taha YÜCE "LUMOS - Fully Automated Stand-Alone FT-IR Microscope and its applications"
9/9/2014 Dr. Devrim Tezcan Active tectonics in the Çınarcık Basin, Marmara Se
5/9/2014 Sinem Cihan Pilot sea turtle monitoring at IMS-METU (NE Mediterranean) using a novel tracking system
21/7/2014 Dr. Ilgar Safak Interaction of ocean surface waves and currents with muddy seafloors: Wave energy dissipation and seafloor reworking on the Louisiana Shelf, USA
18/7/2014 Dr. Hasan Orek Bio-Optical Characterization of the Lena River (With an Introduction on New Bio-Optical Measurement Technics)
21/7/2014 Dr. Ilgar Safak Interaction of ocean surface waves and currents with muddy seafloors: Wave energy dissipation and seafloor reworking on the Louisiana Shelf, USA
3/7/2014 Dr. Orest DİACHOK Bioacoustic Spectroscopy of Fish with Swim Bladders
27/6/2014 Nusret SEVİNÇ Understanding variability in ocean acidification experiments using Adaptive-Trait Based Models
6/5/2014 Elif Yılmaz and Ersin Tutsak PM10 and PM2.5 Composition over the Central Black Sea: Mass Closure and Origin of Exceedances
23/1/2014 İlayda Destan ÖZTÜRK An investigation of zooplankton composition in the Black Sea
24/4/2014 Dr. Serdar SAKINAN Acoustically-inferred spatial distribution of Black Sea copepod Calanus euxinus, as determined using multifrequency Information."
16/4/2014 Dr. Arzu Karahan 1) Utilization of the DNA barcoding tool for vertebrate and invertebrate species from the Levantine basin 2) Population genetics features for abiding, but transient, Botryllus schlosseri (Urochordata) congregations in a central California, USA, marina”
11/4/2014 Dr. Valeria Ibello Nitrification in the North-West Atlantic Ocean
2/4/2014 Dr. Banu AKKAŞ Horizon2020 Info Day @ Institute of Marine Sciences
27/3/2014 Gülce SAYDAM Population Viability Analysis of Mediterranean Monk seal (Monachus Monachus) and significance of dispersal in survival (Northeast Mediterranean Sea)
24/1/2014 Serdar Sakinan Current Distribution Of The Small Pelagic Fish Populations In The North Eastern Levantine Sea In Relation To Environmental Conditions And Predicting The Impacts Of Temperature Rise On The Future Distributions
24/1/2014 Ozge Tutar Stock Assessment Of The Black Sea Anchovy
23/1/3014 Dr. Korhan Özkan Spatiotemporal changes in Danish Lake Plankton
17/1/2014 Prof. Dr. Temel OĞUZ Fueling phytoplankton production by ageostrophic frontal processes over a steep shelf-slope topography: the case studies for the Black Sea and the Balearic Sea
10/1/2014 Dr. Damla Beton Modelling as a Tool for Predicting Species Distribution and Effects of Climate Change
9/1/2014 Robin Snape Marine Turtle Research in North Cyprus
26/12/2013 Dr. Arzu Karahan Utilization of the DNA barcoding tool for vertebrate and invertebrate species from the Levantine basin and Population genetics features for abiding, but transient, Botryllus schlosseri (Urochordata) congregations in a central California, USA, marina
20/12/2013 Dr. Bedri Kurtuluş Unmanned Air Vehicle(UAV) Systems and Applications
11/12/2013 Dr. Sinan Arkin Developing a Coupled Modeling System for the Black Sea for Operational Use
1/11/2013 Dr. Fatih Huseyinoglu Spatio-temporal distribution of tropospheric aerosols over Southeast tip of Istanbul measured by Mie-Raman lidar
25/10/2013 Dr. Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen "Problems of assessing fish stocks on the basis of archaeological finds" and "The ancient fish sauce industry and "industrial" fishing "
24/10/2013 Dr. Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen Problems of assessing fish stocks on the basis of archaeological finds
21/6/2013 Dr. Hüseyin ÖZBİLGİN Discard, codend size selection, and fish behaviour in Mersin Bay trawl fishery
7/6/2013 Dr Huseyin SİVRİKAYA Evaluation of wooden material in resistance to marine borers by marine trial and lab experiments
31/5/2013 Ekin AKOĞLU Proceedings of the EwE Programming Course, April 22nd-26th, Vancouver, Canada with respect to Fisheries Science
7/6/2013 Dr. Olgac GÜVEN Genetic structuring of common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis L., 1758) population and status of populations along Turkish coast lines of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas
24/5/2013 Nebil YÜCEL "Radiometric Determination of Monthly Changes in Primary Production and Bacterial Production Rates in the North-Eastern Mediterranean - Interactions with Other Ambient Parameters"
24/5/2013 Claudia Wekerle Sea ice and ocean dynamics of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago - A finite element modeling study
17/5/2013 Dr. Burcu Ozsoy Cicek Detection of Sea Ice by Remote Sensing in Antarctica
3/4/2013 Dr. Mehmet ILICAK Modelling challenges in the Norwegian Earth System model ocean component
1/3/2013 Dr. Simone Libralato Global assessment of ecosystem effects for adopting the UN-FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
3/1/2013 Dr. Boris Jovanovic Toxic effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles from common household products on aquatic organisms
2/1/2013 Dr. Boris Jovanovic Toxic effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles from common household products on aquatic organisms
26/12/2012 Prof. Dr. Huseyin Avni BENLİ Türkiye Balıkçılığında Yönetim Planlarının Analizi
11/12/2012 Dr. Soultana Zervoudaki Impact of Ocean Acidification on Pelagic Food Web in a Coastal Area of Eastern Mediterranean Sea
17/10/2012 Gianmaria Sannino Non-hydrostatic and high resolution modeling of the Gibraltar Strait
16/10/2012 Prof. Dr. Emin ÖZSOY Research and development initiative for advanced Modeling of the Turkish Straits System
20/9/2012 Emanuela Voutsinas & Elena Ermidou Kid's Science at HCMR - CoCoNET and PERSEUS at schools
11/9/0 Prof. Nikos MİHALOPOULOS Origin and impacts of atmospheric pollution over the Eastern Mediterranean
10/9/2012 Prof. Nikos MİHALOPOULOS An overview of atmospheric versus particulate fluxes of major and trace metals in the Black Sea
7/9/2012 Prof. Nikos MİHALOPOULOS The significance of atmospheric inputs to the eastern Mediterranean seawater
5/9/2012 Dr. Nicolas WALDMAN Merging geophysics and sedimentology: paleoclimate and paleoseismology reconstruction from Tierra del Fuego, southernmost South America
4/9/2012 Dr. Nevio PUGLİESE The applications of microfossils in archaeology and environmental monitoring
4/9/2012 Dr. Gloria LOPEZ Tales from the sands: using optical dating to understand modern and ancient coastal and marine sedimentological processes
30/7/2012 Dr. Stuart Kininmonth Join the dots: Network theory in Marine Ecology
31/7/2012 Dr. Guanluca Volpe A satellite view of the space-time variability of phytoplankton biomass in the Mediterranean Sea
30/7/2012 Dr. Angela Landolfi The vicious marine N cycle
20/7/2012 Ali Aydogdu A Coupled Modelling Attempt of Hydrodynamics and Ecosystem of Northern Levantine
15/6/2012 Sinem CİHAN How to make Sea Turtle Survey
15/6/2012 Nusret SEVİNÇ Long term changes in zooplankton community in jellfish dominated ecosystems
15/6/2012 V. Çağlar YUMRUKTEPE Part I : Introduction to Biological Carbon Pump Part II: Carbon export algorithm advancement in models
11/6/2012 Ayse Gazihan Akoğlu On the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
11/6/2012 Caglar Yumruktepe Part I – Introduction to Biological Carbon Pump. Part II - Carbon export algorithm advancement in models
29/5/2012 Dr. Deniz KARACA Biogeochemical processes at cold seeps along the Costa Rican continental margin
4/5/2012 Dr. Ulrich Niermann Long-term changes in the Baltic Sea and North Sea, observed during the last 40 years
27/4/2012 Nebil YÜCEL Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Microbial Activities in northeastern Mediterranean
6/4/2012 Dr. Jenny Ullgren Direct observations of small and mesoscale variability in the north-eastern North Atlantic
6/4/2012 Dr. Icarus Allen Beyond Chi by eye: some thoughts on model skill assessment.
5/4/2012 Dr. Icarus Allen Marine Ecosystem evolution in a changing environment: models, the pressure state response and links to policy.
19/3/2012 Prof. Kai Wirtz Building an ecosystem model from old principles
12/3/2012 Prof. Kai Wirtz Product orientation as a guiding principle for the coastal and shelf observatory COSYNA
14/2/2012 Dr. Ozan Mert ÖZTÜRK History of climate, marine events and sea-atmosphere interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions as recorded in Anatolian caves
24/1/2012 Dr. Mustafa Koçak Potential solutions for Air pollution: a case study for Eastern Mediterranean
24/1/2012 Prof. Cemal Saydam In cloud alteration of desert dust matrix and its effect on natural ecosytems
13/1/2012 Doç. Dr.Ali Cemal Gucu The new Black Sea anchovy project and the first findings
5/1/2012 Arş. Gör. Ceren Guraslan Fish Behavior Modeling With Applications To Black Sea Anchovy
5/1/2012 Özge Tutar MPA's effect on demersal fish stocks: Kızılliman
5/1/2012 Ezgi Şahin The Black Sea Populations of Anchovy
4/1/2012 Mehmet Kaptan The Use Of Trix Index For Scaling Trophic Status Of Coastal Waters: A Case Study In The Mersin Bay
4/1/2012 Anıl Akpınar Variability of the Black Sea circulation derived from altimeter data
28/12/2011 Dr. Mustafa Kolukırık Redrawing the boundaries of IMS-METU's research by up to date molecular methods
6/12/2011 Dr. Sinan Arkın Modeling Experimental Evolution
27/10/2011 Dr. Mete Yılmaz Cyanobacteria: from their toxins to unique pigments
19/10/2011 Dr. Magnus Lucassen Adaptation and sensitivity of marine fishes to climate factors: Molecular basis of physiological response mechanisms
13/7/2011 Dr. Valeria Ibello Nitrogen fixation in the Mediterranean Sea
22/7/2011 Dr. Murat Gündüz Atlantic Ocean and Adriatic Sea Modeling Efforts – Ongoing Work and Preliminary Results - (with following discussion on modeling experiences)
22/7/2011 Prof. Dr. Nadia Pinardi The Mediterranean Sea large scale circulation: a retrospective analysis 1987-2007
17/5/2011 Dr. Jeff Peakall; Dr. Daniel Parsons Submarine channels and the Black Sea
11/5/2011 Dr. Arzu Karahan Part I: Cytogenetic and Geometrical Morphometrics Analysis of some Teleost fishes from East Mediterranean Sea" Part II: Variability in Morphometry, Creatin Kinase and Microsatellites of Anchovy
4/5/2011 Prof. Dr. Zahit Uysal Surface chlorophyll distribution in the Cilician basin based on in-situ fluorometer readings on board R/V Bilim-2
27/4/2011 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Disappearance of Hake in the NE Levant Sea
21/4/2011 Paul Kahler Anoxia-related feedbacks of NO3 and PO4: positive or negative- Examples from the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and perspectives for the global oceans
8/4/2011 Dr. Eugenia Lefkaditou Cephalopods: Morphological and Life cycle characteristics, Fisheries and abundance variability
2/3/2011 Prof. Dr. Ferit Bingel Catching techniques of fish
8/2/2011 Ayşe Gazihan Akoğlu Temporal and Spatial Changes in the Abundance and Biomass of Pico (Heterotrophic Bacteria & Synechococcus) and Nanoplankton (Flagellates) of the Mersin Bay – Relationships with Ambient Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters
3/2/2011 Caglar Yumruktepe Eco-Hydrodynamıc Modellıng Of Eutrophıcatıon And Nutrıent Cycles Usıng Delft3d Model For The Cılıcıan Basın
12/1/2011 Özge Yelekçi Prelımınary Work On Numerical Simulatıons Of Eutrophıcatıon Processes In Izmır Bay Wıth A Coupled Three Dımensıonal Eco-Hydrodynamıc Model
6/1/2011 Metin Akca Cascades in Mediterranean Submarine Grand Canyons
5/1/2011 Ali Aydoğdu Basics of Data Assimilation
12/4/2011 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Disappearance of Hake in the NE Levant Sea
29/12/2010 Prof.Dr. Temel Oguz Aprupt transition of the NW Black Sea Shelf ecosystem from eutrophic to an alternative pristine state.
22/12/2010 M. Akif Korkmaz Interannual variability in the environmental conditions of the Black Sea
4/10/10 Güzel Yücel Gier Developing a roadmap for Turkish Marine Aquaculture Site Selection&Zoning by Using an Ecosystem Approach to Management (FAO-MARA/TCP/TUR 3101 Project)
10/10/10 Dr. Esin Yalçın Environmental Influences on the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of European Hake (Merluccius merluccius) and Red Mullet (Mulles barbatus barbatus) in İzmir Bay.
16/10/2010 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Past and present of fish fauna in the NE Levant Sea and the factors facilitating the colonization bye Lessesian fishes
24/10/2010 Ayşe Gazihan Akoğlu LightDynaMix-Dynamics of Microbial Food Webs in a Light Gradient; a Mesocosm Study
27/10/2010 Dr. Mustafa Kocak Particulate matter (PM10) in İstanbul: Origin, source areas and potential impact on surrounding regions
15/9/2010 Nazlı Olgun Nutrient limitation in the surface ocean: The role of explosive volcanic eruptions for the marine biogeochemical cycles
1/7/2010 Dr. Özcan Özen Fish biodiversity and young of the year population Dynamics of economically important fish species in the shallow waters of Dardanelles, Çanakkale
8/7/2010 Prof.Dr. Ahmet Erkan Kıdeyş The regional environmental governance in the Black Sea
18/6/2010 Prof.Dr. Süleyman Tuğrul Long-Term Changes in the Hydro-Chemical Properties of Black Sea Upper Layer
29/6/2010 Dr. Özcan Özen Early life stages and recruitment in fish populations
6/5/2010 Nebil Yücel Primary Production in Shelf Waters of the Cilician Basin
6/5/2010 Ayşe Gazihan Akoğlu Picoplankton Abundance and Biomass Distribution in Turkish Seas
22/4/2010 Ekin Akoglu End-to-end controls on the Black Sea ecosystem during the 1960's-1990's
20/4/2010 Prof. Dr. Emin Özsoy Film: “Turbulent Ocean”
9/4/2010 Prof. Dr. Ferit Bingel What we know about Black Sea anchovy
2/4/2010 Meltem Ok When and Why? Preliminary analyses of the red mullet (Mullus barbatus Linnaeus, 1758). Time series off Erdemli
26/3/2010 Dr. Sinan Hüsrevoğlu The state of play and progress for METU-IMS modelling commitment within SESAME-IP.
19/3/2010 Prof. Dr Emin Özsoy Lessons and prospects of operational oceanography
22/2/2010 Dr. Heather Cannaby Distinguishing anthropogenic induced change from multi-annual climate variability in the NE Atlantic
4/2/2010 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Seals of IMS
27/1/2010 Ersin Tutsak A study of surface atmospheric, sea-level and current time-series acquired by the Turkish coastal observation network
20/1/2010 Nusret Sevinç Analysis of the lower trophic level of the Black Sea ecosystem's past 4 decades: A modeling study
18/1/2010 Çağlar Yumruktepe 1-D Ecosystem model of offshore Mersin Bay waters
15/1/2010 Anıl Akpınar Physical characteristic of the Black Sea inferred from argo profiling data
14/1/2010 Özgür Gürses Water Mass Concept
10/1/2010 Nebil Yücel Part 1- Primary production and phytoplankton composition in the southern Black Sea and northeastern Mediterranean. Part 2- Radiometric determination of the monthly changes in the primary production and bacterial production rate and interaction in the northeastern Mediterranean.
8/1/2010 Prof. Dr. Temel Oğuz Abrupt transition of the northwestern Black Sea shelf ecosystem from eutrophic to an alternative pristine state
6/10/2008 Dr. Martina Doblin Microalgal invasions in aquatic systems
6/10/2008 Dr. Peter Ralph Applications of photobiology in production estimates
27/6/2008 Dr. Vangelis Papathanassiou HCMR Research Activities
27/6/2008 Dr. Eleni Kaberi SESAME Project and the October 2007 Black Sea Cruise
2/4/2008 Dr. Servet Ahmet Çizmeli Regional characterization of the optical properties of the St-Lawrence ecosystem: radiative transfer, optical coherence,parametrization and regionalization
9/1/2008 Dr. İsmail Ömer Yılmaz -Anoxic event and red beds across the cenomanian/Turoninal Boundary (nw Turkey) -Eski iklim döngülerinin kayıtları ve deniz ve göl seviye değişimlerindeki etkisi.(Miyosen, Kretase, Karbonifer jeolojik zaman dilimlerinden örnekler) Sedimentology. Its past present and future.
6/6/2007 Dr. Aurelien Paulmier Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZs) in the present ocean. A study focused in the Eastern South Pacific
19/6/2007 Dr. Kadir Eriş Sea Level Changes in the Marmara Sea in the Last 150,000 years
8/2/2006 Dr. Cengiz ÖZALP Structural and functional studies of Cytochrome P450 in mammalian cells.
10/2/2006 Mustafa Toker Van Gölü’nün (PaleoVAN) Jeolojik ve iklimsel potansiyeli için belirlenen yeni ICDP sitesi
1/2/2006 Dr. Mahmut OKYAR Karataş-Osmaniye fay zonunun denize uzanımının sismik yöntemlerle araştırılması
19/1/2006 Dr. Temel Oğuz Karadeniz ekosisteminin mevcut durumunun ve gelecekteki olası davranış biçimlerinin saptanması
26/9/2005 Yard. Doç. Dr. Şengül Beşiktepe -Kuzeydoğu Akdeniz’de zooplankton kommünitesinin mevsimlik değişimleri ve biyotik ve abiyotik faktörler etkileşimi -Karadeniz’de muhtemel zararlı diatom türü Pseudo-nitzschia’nın toksisitesi ve ekolojik etkileri -Ölü/Canlı Kopepod Oranları: Mersin Körfezinde mevsimlik değişimleri
11/5/2005 Doç. Dr. Zahit Uysal Kilikya Baseni kıyısal ekosisteminde dolaşım, taşınım ve ötrofikasyon araştırmaları Proje Seferi
23/6/2005 Dr. Michel Dennis Short-term variability of heterotrophic bacteria of the northwestern Mediterranean in late summer 2004. Evidence for pulsed mineralisation in the water column
15/6/2005 Dr. Partice Francour How to ases fish secondary from underwater visual census-An application to the naturel reserve of Scandola (Corsica Northwestern Mediterranean. France)
31/5/2005 Dr. Hasan Çavşak Doğu Ponditler ve Karadeniz'deki kabuk ve üst mantonun üç boyutlu gravite ters çözüm modellemesi
29/4/2005 Dr. Gülay Özcengiz Genom projeleri: Biyoteknoloji ve sağlık alanına etkileri
29/4/2005 Dr. Gürdal Alaeddinoğlu Teknopark uygulamaları
11/2/2005 Dr. Lawrence Mee The Black Sea: catastrophy in remission?
13/1/2005 Dr. Yücel Yılmaz Truva Antik Kentinin Önemi ve Yok Oluşunda Doğa Güçlerinin Rolü 13 Ocak 05
24/10/2004 Prof. Dr. Temel Oguz Regime Shifts and Climatic Oscillations Restructuring the Black Sea Ecosystem. 24 Ekim 04
15/7/2004 Dr. Mehmet Karaca Kent Isı Adası: İstanbul örneği
9/7/2004 Doç. Dr. Zahit Uysal Bacterial dynamics in the northern Levantine basin shelf waters.
4/6/2004 Dr. Georgy Shulman Metabolic principles of biodiversity on an example of the Black Sea animals.
8/6/2004 Tatjana Yuneva; Zinaida Romanova Calanus euxinus and its environment in shallow shelf and offshore Black Sea waters.
8/6/2004 Leonid Svetlichny Development and lipid storage in Calanus euxinus from the Black and Marmara Seas.
8/6/2004 Georgy Shulman and Viktor Nikolsky Premises for estimation production of Calanus euxinus in the Black Sea
18/6/2004 Doç. Dr. Erhan Mutlu First time occurrence of sexual dimorphisms in a strombid gastropod radula, Conomurex persicusas
23/6/2004 Dr. Michel Dennis Short- term variability of heterotrophic bacteria of the Northwestern Mediterranean in late summer 2004. Evidence for pulsed mineralisation in the water column.
14/5/2004 Prof. Dr.Emin Ozsoy Cilician Basin Modelling and the MFSTEP project
21/5/2004 Doç. Dr. Erhan Mutlu Size dependent acoustic detection of zooplankton and nekton in Turkish Seas
28/5/2004 Prof. Dr. Süleyman Tugrul Black Sea Chemistry: Implications of the Knorr 2001 cruise data.
2/4/2004 Dr. Şükrü Besiktepe; Dr. Şengul Besiktepe Effects of the physical and biogeochemical variabilities on the spatial heterogenity of the zooplankton distribution in the Black Sea.
9/4/2004 Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Why Lessepsian immigrants are so successful in colonizing the Eastern Mediterranean sea and who are the defenders of the native ecosystem ?
14/4/2004 Dr. Allison Weeks Variability in the chlorophyll-a in the Blanes Canyon (North West Mediterranean Sea) during the MERIS-ENVISAT validation.
16/4/2004 Dr. Allison Weeks MERIS validation in the North West Mediterranean and the Mascarene Ridge (Indian Ocean): early results.
30/4/2004 Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kideys Disasterous events in the Caspian Sea due to the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis and a remedy.
26/3/2004 Doç. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü Habitat use and demographic evaluation of the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal in the Eastern Mediterranean