Chemical Oceanography



 Research activities cover a range of topics such as, the determination of physical and biogeochemical processes of nutrients and primary production in national and international seas; monitoring studies of organic and inorganic pollutants in Turkish coastal areas,  determination of the marine particulate elemental composition (C:N:P ratio) and the determination of changes in nitrogen, phosphorous and carbon compounds in the marine environment, to understand the interaction of chemical, physical and biological processes of the oxic, sub-oxic and anoxic layers of the Black Sea, Chemical dynamics of the Turkish Straits System and the accumulation of organic chemicals and heavy metals in marine life and sediments, the impact of Saharan Dust on marine productivity and the determination of marine-atmospheric interactions, study of the mercury cycle between the sea and atmosphere, the chemical structure of atmospheric aerosols, determination of the composition and sources of atmospheric aerosols in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea by  using satellite data and images along with analytical and numerical models.