Physical Oceanography

Ongoing research focuses on the determination of the physical structure of our seas, marine-atmospheric interactions and their impact on the climatic system.

is carried on the marine current systemswhirlpools, mixing,transport dynamics, and the effects of these physical properties on the marine ecosystem. These researches are conducted through field measurements, continuous data monitoring systems ( Argo Floats) with the aid of satellite remote sensing and computer models.

Work is being carried out on many subjects such as -


The functioning of the Turkish Straits System in conjunction with the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean, Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, inter-basin transportation and determination of physical structure, transportation and circulation processes; the determination of mass and energy fluxes within the marine environment and atmosphere and their interactions, investigation of their contribution to climatic system changes and the development of appropriate geophysical fluid dynamic models; the establishment of a satellite monitoring system with advanced remote sensing capabilities that will provide continuous monitoring of regional oceanic and atmospheric climate variables; the development of a numerical prediction and information system based on observation and modeling; find out the effects of physical marine and atmospheric variables on pollution, transport and biogeochemical variables and ecosystem dynamics processes.